Tea Talk mit Cherryl und Alex (Anmeldung via Eversports) Jeden Montag und Freitag, 14.00

Join Alex and Cherry for online Tea Time Chats about how to survive Corona World every Monday and Friday at 2 pm.

Every Monday and Friday we will be discussing one of the following topics in which you get to ask questions:

1. Everyone has it easier than you!

People in partnerships and kids vs single people. Let’s talk gratitude.

2. Things we’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have the time. Why aren’t we more thrilled? Let’s talk internal resistance and self sabotage.

3. Fear. Let’s talk why this triggers our deepest anxieties.

4. Victim mentality vs full ownership – lets talk karma, emptiness and Buddhist wisdom.

5. How to ask for help. Let’s talk about why we suck at it and how to do it.

6. Patterns – Let’s talk about how our old patterns are amplified in times of crisis and how to use this time to change them.

7. Minimalism – Let’s talk not just about reorganizing your closet, but reorganizing your values.