Cherryl is committed, no wait, insanely passionate about making the spiritual side of yoga accessible, achievable and practical.
The spiritual aspect of yoga is extremely powerful and has the ability to truly transform our thinking and the way we perceive our lives. Cherryl offers a doorway into that without you having to take on a religion or travel to India necessarily. Why? Because she already did that and found out that this ancient wisdom exists within us. There’s no dogma and cult joining. She takes the ancient wisdom of yoga and meditation and makes it very practical resulting in a complete body and mind makeover.

After years of teaching as an 800 hour Advanced certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher all over the world, she created her own style of yoga to include the 12 years of study in other fields such as Tibetan Buddhism, Western Philosophy, Eastern mysticism as well as the close and brutal study of her own psyche.

Expect a slow, but challenging vinyasa yoga practice with a focus on breath, alignment and bandha.

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