Heidi is from NYC  and is a certified Jivamukti Yoga & Barre Fusion teacher, Hormone Yoga Therapist & Co-creator of the “Next Step” with Dr. Alexandra Kleiner. Heidi brings a sense of calm to her yoga classes.  A challenging class with a soft approach. Creative, inspiring and surprising. She hopes to create an escape that allows everyone to have their “own time”. Time away from work, family and life. Time to draw inward and focus on one’s own imbalance so that everyone may walk away feeling lighter, more focused and gently energized. Her classes integrate creative vinyasa sequences with music.  

Hot Vinyasa Class - All levels welcome
Dynamic, flowing yoga sequences in a room heated to 35°C. Creative sequences improve both mobility and strengthen your core muscles while the heated room gives your body a detoxifying sweat and allows for a deeper dive into your asanas. The class is supported with inspiring music and hands-on assists. We encourage you to bring a towel and some water.  

Montags – 17:00 Uhr – Hot Vinyasa - Schwabing

Dienstag – 10:30 Uhr – Hot Vinyasa - Schwabing

Mittwoch – 18:30 Uhr – Hot Vinyasa - Schwabing

Sonntag – 17:00 Uhr – The Next Step - Schwabing

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