Soomi (Kim)

Everyday, new beginnings are the first step towards awakening your fullest potential. Enjoy the asana practice to feel light, awakened, motivated, and free in your body, mind and spirit (and soul).

Soomi began practicing yoga in its various forms in 2008. With the desire to learn and share more about yoga, in 2010 Soomi competed the Baptiste Power Yoga Teacher Certification in Korea (Yoga Alliance, 500 hours). In 2011 Soomi was introduced to Ashtanga yoga and studied under the guidance of John Scott and Manju Jois. In 2012 she began a dedicated Ashtanga yoga practice, which she continues to develop through daily practice. Also she has visited Mysore, India yearly since 2017 to study under Saraswathi Jois and Sharath Jois.

As a practitioner of yoga, Soomi accepts new experiences with enthusiasm and an open mind. As a teacher, she is energized and inspired and enjoys sharing what she has learned with others.

Through connecting with many other dedicated practitioners, Soomi has gained an understanding of how the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga can be experienced at all ages.

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