Steven ist Tänzer, seit 2003 Yogalehrer und hat durch viele Weiterbildungsreisen nach Indien sein Wissen vertieft. Außerdem ist er seit 2016 Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie, mit einer Ausbildung zum Gesprächspsychotherapeuten.

„Herewith I offer my imperfection. My nesience, my "I don´t know". My "being lost as you are" in the vastness of this universe. The funny helplessness of striving for something better. I have not let go of the idea of salvation from the outside jet, but a glimpse of brilliant shining equilibrium has nested somewhere in the many crossways of my head and entered my littleness, in form of an explosion. Will time reveal the moment? Will the moment prove timelessness? Within time, everything stays impermanent and incomplete . . . how wondrous. And in the very moment of timelessness, even the words perfection and wholeness do not exist…how unthinkable. This very moment is a quantum leap. It´s not to be held, it´s not to be earned. It´s grace itself. Coming out of this gracefulness we´ll be left more humble, more subtle, more translucent. Still . . . Still impermanent. Maybe when everything becomes no-thing, we realise innocence.“

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