Heidi Hölzer - Juli 2020 / 2,5h

This TT consists of a general review of the fundamentals of a Vinyasa Class and extends these teachings to include a heated room.  Why practice in heat?  What are the benefits mentally and physically?  How can I further develop my practice in a heated room and how can I safely lead a class in a room heated at 38C.  Recognizing the limitations, the boundaries and the opportunities of each student is every teacher’s responsibility but how does that change when the temperature is turned up?  Learn how to lead a class, encourage a class and create a safe place for everyone to add something new to their practice. Learn modifications, assists and even how to create a playlist that supports the increase of intensity.  

Requirement:  Already completed Vinyasa Teaching Certification


Datum: Sonntag, 19. Juli 2020, 13:30–16:00 Uhr

The STUDIO Schwabing – 19. Juli 2020
49 EUR