Dr. Alex Kleiner und Cherryl Duncan / November - Dezember 2020 / 100h


Auf Grund der stetig ändernden Reisebestimmungen wird das Training in Deutschland stattfinden.

Option 1) Live im TheSTUDIO Lehel

Option 2) Online via Zoom (vergünstigter Preis)

Das Training beinhalten Lehrmaterial, Notebook, Audio undVideodateien sowie eine geführte Meditation

Ausbildung Coach Yoga Alex Kleiner Cherryl Duncan

3 Intensiv Wochenenden im The STUDIO Lehel:

Wolltest du schon immer deine Gabe, Menschen in verschieden Bereichen ihres Lebens beraten und zu führen als Beruf machen?

Befindest du dich gerade in einem Stillstand und suchst du nach einer beruflichen Weiterbildung?

Hast du dich schon oft gefragt wie man dieZusammenarbeit mit Menschen anders gestalten kann?

Weißt du als Yogalehrer manchmal nicht deineGrenzen richtig zusetzten und wie weit du mit einer tiefen persönlichenBeratung gehen kannst?

Bist Du in einem Heilberuf (Physiotherapeut,Heilpraktiker, Logopäde etc.) tätig und Du möchtest Verständnis von körperlichen Zusammenhängen oder einfache Yogaübungen in deine Arbeit integrieren?

Du bist Yogalehrer und möchtest tiefere Arbeit in deine Stunden integrieren oder Workshops geben? Oder du möchtest ein weiteresStandbein dir gestalten?

Mit dieser umfangreichen Ausbildung (in englischerSprache) erlangst du ein exklusives Grundwissen im Bereich Coaching & Yoga. Dabei lernst du dich selbst und andere besser zu verstehen und anschließend als Lehrer über dich hinauszuwachsen.


Dieses Programm richtet sich auch an alle Praktizierende aus verschieden Berufsgruppen ( z.B. Heilpraktiker / Therapeuten / Yogalehrer /etc. ) die ihre Praxis um weitere Lehrmethoden erweitern möchten. Fundiertes Wissen und Techniken bereiten dich darauf vor, später als Einzel -oder Gruppencoach zu arbeiten. Zudem natürlich an Yogalehrer und künftige Yogalehrer sowie Interessierte.

About the program

The yoga based coaching training brings a unique and extensive 100h Foundation Coaching training for you as a private and group teacher. The aim of this program is to understand yourself and, hence, others better. Through this Self Mastery you will enable yourself to authentically define values, to communicate, motivate, and achieve goals beyond initial limiting beliefs. This will make you grow as a teacher and as a person.

Dr. Alex Kleiner brings along her expertise in counselling, coaching, meditation, and psychology.In addition, Alex has in depth experience from her law, management, and financing background. Cherryl Duncan shares her extensive experience and knowledge in the philosophies of yoga, meditation, modern day psychology, western philosophy, and mysticism. Together they are a team that brings a unique and extensive 100h Foundation Coaching training.

The 100h Coaching Training equips you to:

· Give quality private and group coaching sessions based on the Self Mastery system

· Know and understand your own psyche and motivation better

· Presence and awareness training

· Basic tool set o start as a coach

· Define and achieve your own goals as well as purposes and help other to do so

· Improve your own communication/presentation/relationship skills

· Learn the business of what it takes to really make it as a financially independent coach

· Develop greater mental and physical resilience 

· Overcome limiting beliefs potentially holding you back from living the life you truly desire

You will learn how to:

  • Know and understand your own psyche and motivation better
  • Define and achieve your own goals as well as purposes and help other to do so
  • Learn what it takes to hold space and set boundaries 
  • Break your patterns, understand how much influence your patterns have in your private or business life


The course includes:

Printed Handouts, intimate group tuition, Audio & Video recording, a guided meditation for home practice

The following tools and techniques will be introduced to you during the program:

Yoga // Meditation and mindfulness // Positive Psychology // Sleep Therapy

Authentic communication and expression // Inquiry // Group work

Self-awareness // Yoga Nidra // Goal & dream manifestation 

Making coaching as a profession

Here you will be given the fundamentals to begin your coaching life as a professional. Whether you areal ready coaching, counseling, or teaching yoga or any other health facilitator, this training gives you the add-on and teaches you how to hold space for others.We will be using tools, such as Meditation and mindfulness, Positive Psychology,Sleep Therapy, The importance of Play and many many more..



1. Intensive Weekend:  Friday – Sunday : 20.11‍‍ / 21.11 / 22.11.  The STUDIO Lehel


Friday 20.11.2020:        08:00  – 16:30


Saturday 21.11.2020:      08:30  – 18:30


Sunday 22.11.2020:        08:00 – 16:30

2. Intensive Weekend / Friday – Sunday : 27. / 28. / 29.11 The STUDIO Lehel

Friday 27.11.2020:        08:00  – 16:30


Saturday 28.11.2020:      08:30 – 18:30


Sunday 29.11.2020:        08:00  – 16:30

3. Intensive Weekend/ Friday – Sunday: 4. / 5. / 6.12 The STUDIO Lehel 


Friday 04.12.2020:       08:00  – 16:30


Saturday 05.12.2020:     08:00 – 18:30


Sunday 06.12.2020:       08:00 – 16:30


Cherryl Duncan

Dr. Alex Kleiner

About the teachers

Cherryl Duncan

An unapologetic believer in freedom. Cherryl has dedicated her life to being happy and part of that means helping you live the life you truly desire.Based on the material from her book Magnificently Real, she uses authenticity as the bases for knowing, accepting and celebrating who you truly are. After leaving her job in advertising 15years ago, Cherryl lived in an ashram in India studying yoga. She then traveled to New York to study Jivamukti Yoga where she passed the board exam as an 800 h advanced yoga teacher. 

She’s studied TibetanBuddhism, Western Philosophy and has facilitated over 30 yoga teacher trainings and recently completed the very first Coaching program in Greece this year has developed a Self Mastery system which incorporates yoga as well as everything she’s learned on the path to greater freedom, more resilience and a deep sense of purpose.

Original founder and creator of Living yoga Johannesburg, Cherryl moved to Germany in 2012 where dharmaKaya® yoga was born. There she teaches a regular class schedule, runs teacher training programs. personal coaching programs and generally has a good time traveling around central Europe and, when she can, going home to visit her family in South Africa.  

Dr. Alex Kleiner

Alex a mother of two as well as the owner and founder of the yoga studios The STUDIO (Lehel andSchwabing, Munich). There she teaches and conducts workshops herself. She is also represented as a teacher and specialist at international events, retreats and in trade journals. Alex completed her first yoga training in 2010 with Marc Whitwell in Fiji. In her work, she combines self-experience with yoga and enables her students to feel and, thus, heal. Alex teaches her classes with joy and positive energy. In addition, it is important to Alex to build bridges between worlds and to support women in their feminine power. Alex also worked as a doctoral attorney in a large law firm and later in the international financial sector. She combines the experiences which she gained there as well as in yoga with her training as an holistic counsellor.

20. November bis 6. Dezember 2020 in München
LIVE Teilnahme EUR 2.500 / ONLINE Teilnahme 2.000 EUR