‍The Next Step mit Alex und Heidi

Alex and Heidi

TheNext Step mit Dr. Alex Kleiner und Heidi Hölzer

TheNext Step is a body, mind, heart and soul experience. Alex and Heidicombine movement with inspiring music to get your heart rate goingand your toes tapping, creating a workout where all you need to bringis an open mind and an open heart. This is not like any other class.This class is meant to challenge you on a physical, mental andspiritual level.

Throughoutthis meditation in motion you have the opportunity to come into yourown power and to re-connect with yourself.

Weuse yoga, movement, breath, music and meditation as our tools. Wewill create a safe place for you to open up, to heal, to listen toyour inner self and to enjoy just being you. Our mission is to helpyou reconnect to yourself, get grounded and become more present. Wewill stir up things up, move things out, bring them in the room andshake them out.

TheNext Step is about selfcare, healing the body, mind, heart and soul.We will come to understand that we have a choice. A choice to feel,move and become present in the body. Learning how to embrace thesensations that we create through movement.

Whenthe mind is emptied of its usual content, we can see the essence.That is presence.
This is the Next Step… empower your life –join us!

The STUDIO - Lehel Sonntag, 2. Februar 2020
14:00 Uhr - 16:30 Uhr
49,00 Euro

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